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Apologies this blog has gone quiet lately, but am hoping to reignite it in the summer, once my RLF fellowship has finished and I’m not spending endless hours commuting to Essex and back two days every week. It’s been a busy 2019 so far. I was part of the glamorous and stressful process that is judging the T.S. Eliot Prize; we’ve been copy-editing Fierce Bad Rabbits and trying to chase up the final permissions (a complete administrative nightmare); and I’ve been putting together the UK Languages issue of MPT, ‘Our Small Universe’, which ended up a huge job – so many brilliant submissions. Anyway, that went to the typesetters yesterday, and I’m very much looking forward to launching it in Swansea on International Women’s Day (March 14th), with an amazing line-up including Sabrina Mahfouz, Menna Elfyn and Liz Berry.

I’m also very excited about Fierce Bad Rabbits becoming real. The whole process is very different from having a poetry book published. I’m having to put my first ever index together at the moment, ready to slot the page numbers in when the proofs come (my favourite run is: Hedgehog crisps; Hemingway, Ernest; Hello Kitty.). I have bought a Miffy T-Shirt ready to hit the festivals, and the cover and blurb is up on the Penguin website (eek). So I’m hoping 2019 will mainly be me talking about Dogger and Meg and Mog… 


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