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So I’m really thrilled to have received copies of Trust, Anna T. Szabo’s Selected Poems, from Arc Publications. Anna and I have been friends a long time, and have worked on the co-translations together on and off for 17 years! Thanks to Angela and Tony at Arc for having the idea of putting the book together, and to all who have generously helped us along the way – Eniko Leanyvari, Polly Clark, George Szirtes, Jean Boase-Beier, Sasha Dugdale. Anna is a magnificent poet – as Polly Clark has noted, in these poems ‘Domestic life is reinvented as the elemental and visceral plane of existence we all secretly know it to be’ – and I really hope this finds her more English-speaking fans. Here is the stunning cover – the embroidered heart is by Andrea Dezso

The link to buy is here

And Anna and I also made a little video if you’d like a taster – here we are reading ’33’.

Anna also very kindly agreed to set our latest MPT translation workshop, so if you’d like a go at translating one of her poems yourself have a go here – it’s a typically brilliant poem about the pandemic, as part of our new issue’s pandemic focus.

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